Language and Composition

This course prepares students for the writing challenges they will encounter in the University Transfer program. Exercises will focus on the components of clear discursive prose, especially paragraphing, sentence structure, thesis statements, argumentation, grammar, and documentation. The course emphasizes the expository essay, but students successfully completing 'Language and Composition' will possess skills applicable to a wide variety of writing situations.

Both Composition classes are designed to help students succeed in their assignments from other classes. Thus, all components of these courses, including assignments, are linked to assignments in the four "core" subject areas (English, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy).

Advanced Composition

Building on skills acquired in 'Language and Composition', 'Advanced Composition' moves beyond correct expository prose to the development of a clear, balanced, and persuasive writing style. Students will be encouraged to develop their personal analytic and expressive styles through a series of applied writing and reading exercises. These will be complemented by substantial units covering research methods, information management, rhetoric and argumentation beyond the expository essay, and oral presentation skills. Students successfully completing this course will possess competence in a wide range of communication skills relevant to the University Transfer program