Critically Aware Thinking

A student-centred dialogue marks the unique learning experience of this course. The dialogue centres on the meaning and make-up of the students’ lives by focusing on existentially relevant situations (as captured in evocative pictures and words) that constitute the students’ world as lived experienced. With these pictures and words in mind, students carefully organize seminars (their student-centred dialogue seminars) that allow the students to take charge of their learning—its process and content. Through the simple yet revealing act of critical listening and questioning, students becoming critically aware of their role in the learning process, especially the art of reading people, including themselves. Similarly, students contribute to and critically think about the course content through their expression of ideas and experience, and through the formulation and sharing of newly acquired knowledge gained in other courses.

Applied Research and Portfolio Development

In this course, students will learn the role of the university, develop an integrated view of academic disciplines, become academic '"reflective practitioners" and create a portfolio of their best written work from the University Transfer curriculum. Through faculty exegesis and critique of sample research and through group "peer review," students will refine their understanding of the disciplinary paradigms "Literature, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology" within which they have been developing research, analytic and writing skills. The course will ensure that students begin to develop an understanding of the purposes and aims of academic disciplines, their characteristic insights and knowledge production, and the academic forms of writing specific to them.