Sociology I: An Introduction

This course is intended to introduce students to the field of sociology and its insights into contemporary society. A primary focus throughout the course will be helping students develop the conceptual tools to understand the relationship between their individual experiences/actions, and the larger context in which individuals live. This makes it possible to see ourselves not just as isolated individuals, but as social actors who are shaped by - and help to shape - the world we live in. In addition to core concepts such as culture, socialization, deviance, and social structure, topics of examination will include institutions of society, including the family, education and religion. Finally, we will turn our attention to social inequality and social change. Students will learn through a variety of techniques and media including lectures, videos, discussions, group work and hands-on research.

Sociology II: Mass Media

This course is designed to follow naturally from Introduction to Sociology. We will consolidate and deepen conceptual, analytical and critical thinking skills by focussing on the role of the mass media in contemporary society. The course will have three focal points: the concepts used in media sociology; the forms of mass media such as television, advertising and the Internet; and key issues, for instance gender relations, violence, democracy and cultural homogenization. We will emphasize techniques of sociological inquiry. For the research project, students will conduct sociological research on a topic of their choosing.