Barb Bond

Barb completed her M.Sc. in the Applications of Modelling in the Natural and Social Sciences (Psychology) graduate program at Trent University. In addition to teaching psychology at Fleming College, Barb maintains her research affiliation with the Emotion and Health Research Laboratory in the Psychology Department at Trent. Her research focus includes emotional and social competencies in post-secondary students, and in particular how these abilities affect academic performance. An avid cyclist and competitive triathlete, Barb divides her leisure time between hockey, her dogs, and relaxing at the cottage.

Peter Laurie

After several years of bouncing between the community colleges of the Greater Toronto area, Peter Laurie was thrilled to arrive at Fleming College, where his daily bicycle commute no longer resembles an installment in the Mad Max series, except for the steel-studded tires. Peter brings to Fleming a life of interdisciplinarity, which includes an undergraduate degree in Journalism and English, a Masters in Social and Political Thought, and work/travel stints in Africa and Central America. When not teaching in the University Transfer program, Peter preaches the gospel of Clarity to students in a variety of communications courses.

Christopher Shields

Christopher Shields is a Trent graduate, receiving his BA (Hons) in Spanish Language and Literature, with a minor in English Literature. He then went on to complete an MA in Comparative Literature (Carleton), a PhD in English Literature (Edinburgh), and a BEd (York). He taught at the University of Edinburgh, at Centennial College, and with the Durham CDSB before joining Fleming in August 2003. Christopher's teaching and research interests include the contemporary novel and twentieth-century British women writers, although his primary interest right now lies in teaching Critical Approaches to Literature in English, Composition, and various college Communications courses. With a 115-year-old home in Millbrook, three daughters, and a fluctuating number of dogs, Christopher has no spare time.

Dennis Vanderspek

Dennis Vanderspek received his PhD in English from the University of Western Ontario following an MA at the University of Guelph and a BA at the University of Toronto. He is currently completing an MA in Educational Technology from UBC. His teaching, research, and publication activities include forays into philosophy, environmental non-fiction, science, and cultural studies. A brief adventure in programming ended happily when he joined the Communications department at Fleming College and began teaching in the University Transfer program. He is currently (2019) coordinator of the program and teaches "Introduction to Philosophy" and "Modern Philosophy" in addition to the General Education courses "Science in Everyday Life" and "Conspiracy Theories: They're Everywhere!" In his spare time he likes to build tube amps and gardens a little.