"I knew I wanted to become a teacher, but I was looking for a stepping stone to ease me into university. The University Transfer program was the best choice I could have made. I now feel confident as I transfer over to Trent."
--a recent graduate

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What is the University Transfer Program?

University Transfer (program code: GSU) is an eight-month Fleming College (in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada) certificate program designed to facilitate direct entry into second-year university. Successful graduates applying to Trent or Carleton University receive a guarantee of admission and five transfer credits equivalent to a standard university year; graduates applying to universities other than Trent and Carleton typically receive up to five credits. Since its creation in 2004, the program has launched hundreds of students into successful university careers who otherwise would not have been eligible for admission.

UT focuses on entrance to second-year university, but not all successful pathways lead to university. Students frequently take UT to try out university in order to see whether it is for them. Since UT is a college program, credits earned are eligible to be applied either toward university or toward another college program. One program leads to two educational pathways.

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ďIs University Transfer for Me?Ē

Who comes to the UT program? Some of our students left high-school early or didnít take the right mix of courses to apply to university. Others are mature students who want to re-start their education. Still others havenít fully discovered their own abilities and potential as students and thinkers. Students in the program report that they work hard, but also that they succeed in ways they havenít experienced before.


University Transfer Faculty

All University Transfer faculty have advanced degrees -- Masters or Doctorate -- in the fields they teach, and have taught at various universities, including Trent. Many were involved in the programís design; all continue to help it evolve and are deeply committed to the success of University Transfer and its students. They also spend a good deal of time talking with one another about what they are teaching and how their students are doing.

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Admission to Trent or Carleton

To enter Trent or Carleton in second year you will need to do the following in the UT program:

  • Pass all 12 University Transfer courses;
  • Achieve an overall average of at least 70%;
  • Achieve an average of at least 65% (for Trent) or 70% (for Carleton) in each of English, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, plus Critical Thinking and Composition (combined). This average is calculated across both semesters.

Other Options

  • You can apply to any university, but advanced standing into second year is guaranteed only at Trent and Carleton. The UT program is well-known and has a good reputation that has translated into a relatively smooth transfer process at other universities.
  • If you donít meet the 70/65% standard, you can still apply to Trent or Carleton. In this circumstance, transfer credit is determined on an individual basis.
  • Many of our students take the academic skills and confidence they acquire in UT and move on to college programs at Fleming or elsewhere.

Help with Writing and Academic Skills

We believe that writing skills are vital for academic success. Some of the faculty learned this the hard way, but all of us have observed the struggles of students whose ideas arenít expressed clearly, who have difficulty structuring arguments, or who struggle with their writing and study habits. For this reason, a major portion of the program is devoted to fostering academic skills.

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